Secure High speed data communication with light

keeps your meeting room secure!

Why LiFi?

The attempt to hack the WiFi of the OPCW was not unique. Attacks on Wi-Fi networks are well known in the cyber-security world. They are an established technique for penetrating a target. They work well because some Wi-Fi hotspots have hardware weaknesses that can be exploited to intercept traffic.
LiFi provides the same flexibility as Wi-Fi. The difference is that communication remains in the room, even on the table without traveling outside the room.

There is no threat if hackers cannot connect

Introducing Trulifi, a new range of LiFi systems: great quality light and a secure and reliable, fast internet connection.

More than 50 billion devices are currently connect to the Internet, most wirelessly. This is placing wireless communication under increasing pressure. Put simply, the radio spectrum is becoming congested. What’s more there are areas where radio frequency wireless communication is not permitted or the best fit.
Trulifi by Signify is the perfect solution. It’s a range of LiFi systems, providing two-way wireless communication that’s reliable, secure and fast.

The benefits of Trulifi:

Reliable network

Trulifi is immune to radio signal interference so it’s ideal in places where many networks overlap, think multi-tenant offices, hotels or busy transport hubs. It’s also perfect where radio communication systems don’t work well or is prohibited, like in aircraft or industrial plants.

Secure communication

Trulifi uses AES 128-bit encryption as a standard encryption, where information is accessed using a USB access key, but you are free to use your own encryption as well.
An extra layer of security is built-in, as light waves can’t penetrate walls. This all helps to make Trulifi as secure as wired communication. Perfect for applications where security is paramount.

High data rate

Trulifi has a net data rate up to 200 Mbps downlink and 160 Mbps uplink. It is fast enough to stream 30 1080p HDTV movies simultaneously. It acts like a wireless cable with a guaranteed net data rate.

Flexible and Secure

Secure Room / SCIF

  • Connect a meeting room with secure non RF based wireless connectivity
  • Enabling working with classified information up to and including NATO SECRET level

RF Shielded Containers

  • Mobile SCIFs
  • Shielded to stop RF communications
  • Enabling working with classified information up to and including NATO SECRET level

Mobile C2 Post

  • Connect a mobile C2 post with secure non RF based wireless connectivity
  • Enabling working with classified information up to and including NATO SECRET level

Secure Areas and Meetingrooms

For real estate owners and developers, Trulifi can potentially increase the value of their property by offering business tenants stable, fast and secure network access alongside their current platform.

Coverage for mobile devices is improved by freeing up WiFi bandwidth. By integrating this communications capability directly into the Signify lighting system, ceilings remain clutter-free – preserving the aesthetics of the building.
Trulifi is ideal for open-plan office spaces, flex-desk areas, and rooms requiring high-speed internet connections for online meetings and the like.
Smart hand-over and interference management turn wireless connectivity into a hassle-free experience. And the provision of access keys and strictly defined communications areas ensure absolute security at all times.

Trulifi is easy to install, flexible and saves costs for making rooms more secure.

is Signify’s partner for Defense and other customers that require flexibility and the right security for their critical infrastructure.

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